Harkerville with four (4) routes - all circular routes. Situated between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, Harkerville forest is the ideal location for recreational mountain-biking. The relatively easy gradients and diversity of the rides offer some of the finest cycling in the Southern Cape. All four start and finish at the Garden of Eden, on the N2, where permits must be obtained. Alternative access roads are available, starting from the Forestry Office, Kranshoek Road Gate, or the Kranshoek Picnic Site. Permits may also be obtained at the Kranshoek Road Gate

The Yellow Route:

14 kilometers in length and takes about 1¼ hours to ride. The route follows gravelled service roads and will be the only route open when other routes are closed due to wet soil conditions.

The Blue Route:

Covers a distance of 12 kilometers and take about 1½ hours to complete. A section of 2½ kilometers along Beukespad, a forest slip-path, leads the rider through some typical medium-moist high forest. The return part of the loop passes by a small glade of coast redwood which were planted in 1927.

The Green Route:

15 kilometers in length and takes about 2¼ hours to ride. This circuit follows the Grooteilandpad for several kilometers before turning eastwards into Waterpad. On Waterpad is a shady swimming hole which provides a pleasant stop-over. An alternative southward loop gives the cyclist an opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the rugged Harkerville coast.
 The homeward leg of the route takes the rider northwards along Kleineilandpad, then turns westward into Perdekoppad, a delightful section of off-road track which passes through some tall, coastal forest with a number of the finest examples of hard pear.

The Red Route

24 kilometers in length and can take between 3 to 5 hours to ride. This route is much tougher than the other routes and can be difficult for the not-so-fit rider. probably the most scenically diverse mountain-bike route in the country, its two outstanding features are the long stretches of off-road track, which follow old slip-paths through the forest and a section of track through the coastal fynbos near the cliff-line. Together these total over ten kilometers.

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Local Routes

  • Poison Spider

  • Dump Road

  • Oyster Route

  • Railway Route

Not marked but can be ridden with the locals.

There are places that are so awesome and so killer that you'd like to tell the whole world about them. BUT...PLEASE DON'T!

Farleigh and Homtini MTB routes. Annual Mountain Biking permits for the Garden Route National Park can be obtained from the Thesen's Island office.

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This route has been planned for mountain bikers of average fitness and covers a distance of just over 24km.

The ride begins at the Diepwalle Forest Station office (where you obtain your permit). It is a one-way route from north to south – Diepwalle to Garden of Eden.
If you are cycling fit, the route can be ridden in 2 hours.

The routes starting at Diepwalle descends a few kms down the Uniondale road. It breaks away to the left at 2.8km. Keep a sharp look out for the marker on the left. The track now follows the contoured bed of the old narrow-gauge forest railway which used to run from Ysterhoutrug to Knysna. (Features in Dalene Matthee’s “Toorbos’)
The route turns left into the petrusbrandpad and begins to descend to the Petrusbrand River. One climbs from the stream, winding toward Petrusbrand eiland.

On this section one rides through some beautiful medium- moist to dry type forest. Many of the old yellowwoods (Podocarpus latifolius) are crowned with “old mans beard” (Usnea spp.)

Passing through more moist and medium-moist high forest, one breaks out into fynbos of Kleineiland (“small island”) – a island of Cape Fynbos surrounded by indigenous forest. The contrast is amazing. This is a good resting point and on a clear day the view over the Tsitsikamma mountains.

The route descends to the Kleineiland River valley. The surface is very cobbled- take care! This is the lowest point of the route and the start of a fairly severe climb over 4km.

The last section of route, through the forest on an old timber slip-path, is the most exciting. It winds it’s way down to Garden of Eden, offering some fast single-track. The alternative route follows the Fisanthoek road to the N2 (see map)

For your information:

1. Carry your permit on you.

2. The route is open from dawn to dusk. Do     not, however, start your ride after 14:00 in     winter or 15:00 in summer.

3. Please do not leave marked trail!

4. Tel: Regional office 044-3825466


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The Homtini Trail starts near the Goudveld Forest station, about 25km from Knysna.
Most of the tail follows fairly easy contours in the indigenous forest and plantation. It is enhanced by winding single-track slip-paths, shady plantation roads and a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. It is a moderate ride with the exception of a steep 4km climb.

Distance: Circular route of 19km
Permits are purchased at the Goudveld boom.
The trail starts and ends at the Krisjan-se-nek picnic site. From here you follow the Millwood Road until you turn right about 400m from the start. Scenes from “Kringe in ‘n bos” flash through the mind as you ride along the forest slip-paths and descend to the forest edge. In the open the route follows a plantation road…and then there’s the climb! Four heart-pounding kilos later you are rewarded with a panoramic view over the surrounding area with the Knysna Heads forming a distant backdrop.
From here the going is easy, finishing in some exhilarating single-track on Boer-se-pad.

Getting there: Heading from Knysna towards George on the N2 take the Rheenendal turn-off to the right after about 8km. Follow this road for about 13km and turn right at the Homtini/Millwood signs. At the Goudveld boom you pay for your permit and reach the Krisjan-se-nek picnic site.


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